How to activate Milestone Credit Card?

Milestone Gold MasterCard can be used for purchases and cash advances at over 33 million locations in 210 countries where the MasterCard logo is displayed.

The process of getting your Milestone Credit Card ready to use for purchases is called activation. If you’ve just received your card, you’ll need to activate it before you can make purchases or use it. When the card arrives in the mail, it is not ready to use. You should activate your card within 14 business days from when you were approved.

NOTE! It must be turned on and a pin must be entered typically within 14 business days

Milestone Gold MasterCard
Milestone Gold MasterCard

First of all, to activate your card, you will have to provide your last four digits of the account number as the PIN, Date-of-Birth and Social Security Number (SSN), and the Milestone Credit Card delivery date. Then, you have to click on the “Submit” button.

Soon after submitting the details, you’ll receive an email that contains a new password. Now, your Milestone Credit Card has been fully activated and immediately available for use. Log into your account and do whatever you want.

Online process activation is the only way to activate your Milestone Credit Card; which can be done easily by following the procedure below.

• Activate your Milestone Credit Card on the Milestone Gold MasterCard website,

• As soon as the website loads, the login section appears. At the bottom of the login section, there is a link to ‘Activate Your Card‘.

• You’ll be brought to a new login page after clicking it.

• To log in, type your username and password into the boxes provided and click the ‘Log In’ button.

What if you won’t receive your card?

When you were approved for Milestone Credit Card and received it, then you have to activate your card within 14 business days to make it ready for use.

In case you have not received your card within 21 business days after approval. You will not be able to activate your card that results in account closure due to non-activation.

Solution: Call Milestone’s lost/stolen card department at (888) 260-4532 and report to them you have not received (lost or stolen) the card.

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