Terms of Service


Any user or visitor who selects to visit the MilestoneApply.com website or chooses to use its offered services must do and act as they are told in the rules and Terms of Use of MilestoneApply.com website and by the updated versions of this Terms of Use document which may be uploaded in future with certain modifications or with any extra rules that may become in the future versions of this document of Terms of Use.

When any user successfully accessed the website of MilestoneApply.com or makes use of its offered services they will automatically be abided by each and every rule plus term which is stated in this document of Terms of Use and also by other extended terms that must be complied to when any online service is being used by any user.

If any user or visitor of MilestoneApply.com does not comply or adhere to any of the rules or legalities of this document of Terms of Use then their access to the website of MilestoneApply.com will immediately be withheld or in some cases be completely forbidden. You must see to it that all pictures, trademarks and logos that may be posted on the blogs of MilestoneApply.com are protected under the stringent copyright and trademark laws that can be applied in such cases.  


MilestoneApply.com, its team of researchers, writers, bloggers, and all of the other third-party websites that are referred to in all the articles which are posted on the website of MilestoneApply.com, under no circumstances can be forced to presume liability or responsibility for any loss, damage, destruction or modification to any of the content in terms of theft, digital loss to some or all of the content which is posted on the official site of MilestoneApply.com. This term or law will always be applicable even when the website of MilestoneApply.com or any of its associated team members have been informed by the user in verbal or digital form.


If any user or visitor at any point in time on any article or blog that is posted on MilestoneApply.com finds in it any error, mistake, discrepancy, or inconsistency in terms of its content, pictures, or data then under such event the team members of MilestoneApply.com cannot be held responsible because in no way and nowhere does MilestoneApply.com promises to give full accuracy of content whether it be details, opinions or facts.  

Third Party Company and their Links

MilestoneApply.com also doesn’t promise to edit, proofread or rectify any of the published content or data on any of the third party websites that are referred to in any of these articles or blogs or any written pieces of the website of MilestoneApply.com.

MilestoneApply.com in no way guarantees utmost accuracy of the published materials and content on web pages of any of the third-party websites nor does the website of MilestoneApply.com or its official member take any endorsements neither do they endorse any of these third-party companies which are referred to in the articles of MilestoneApply.com

Modifications to Site Terms of Use

There will be times and instances during which the team of MilestoneApply.com may bring modifications or changes whether big or small to any of the rules or terms that are listed in this file of Terms of Use and when such changes are made so no notification will be sent to any of the users of MilestoneApply.com.  Consequently, any user or visitor who decides to use the services of the MilestoneApply.com website must comply with the updated versions of the rules which are stated in this file of Terms of Use.